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Get professional landscape maintenance in Fort Myers, FL

Routine tree trimming is very important. Overgrown trees make your yard look unruly, and they can become a hazard. Let American Allegiance Lawn & Landscaping get your trees in shape. We offer professional tree trimming and landscape maintenance services in Fort Myers, FL. We'll expertly trim and prune the trees at your commercial or residential property.

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3 benefits of effective tree maintenance

Ready to sign up for a tree trimming maintenance plan? Here are three benefits of routine tree trimming services:

  • Curb appeal-trimming trees regularly improves your landscape
  • Healthy trees-pruning dead, decaying or diseased branches will increase the life span of the tree.
  • Safety-keeping tree growth under control can prevent fallen limbs from damaging your home or office.

Get your overgrown trees under control. American Allegiance Lawn & Landscaping has the equipment and experience needed to handle tree trimming and pruning for trees of any type. Call us now to schedule an appointment.