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Help Maintain the Health of Native Plants

Get professional exotic plant removal services in Fort Myers, FL

Too often, property owners will install plants that are not native to Southwest Florida. While you might be looking for something that's easier to grow or offers brighter colors, they can become invasive. American Allegiance Lawn & Landscaping works to eliminate invasive species of plants before they can do any harm. The problem comes from the exotic plants not having any local pests or diseases that might keep them in check. Instead, they begin to overtake the native plant species wildlife depends on. Call 239-985-9202 today to schedule exotic plant removal from your property in the Fort Myers, FL area.

We'll get rid of the problem species

It's important to enlist professionals for exotic plant removal. Our professional crew is able to:

Identify exotic species
Use plant-specific removal techniques
Ensure they don't return

Getting exotic plant removal ensures your native plants are able to thrive. Contact American Allegiance Lawn & Landscaping to learn more about the plants you have on your property.