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Hire a Pro to Remove Your Dead or Diseased Tree

American Allegiance offers safe tree removal services in Fort Myers, FL

If you're starting new construction at your commercial or residential property, you might need to remove trees to clear the lot. If trees in your yard are showing signs of rot or decay, removing them will minimize the risk of other foliage becoming infected. American Allegiance Lawn & Landscaping offers professional tree removal services in Fort Myers, FL. We specialize in residential and commercial landscape design.

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Tree removal isn't a DIY project

Removing a tree is not a simple process, and you shouldn't do it on your own. Here are just a few reasons to hire the experts at American Allegiance Lawn & Landscaping in Fort Myers, FL:

  • We use professional-grade equipment to remove your trees safely and efficiently.
  • We're well-versed in county regulations, so we know how many trees you can legally remove.
  • We can replace trees after we remove dead or diseased ones from your yard.

Whether you're clearing the way for a new project or removing unhealthy trees to promote new growth, count on American Allegiance Lawn & Landscaping in Fort Myers, FL to handle the job. Call us today to schedule your consultation.